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Dr. Mounia Moalla

Dr. Mounia MOALLA

Hospital clinical pharmacist | Certified Yoga therapist |Yoga Teacher (200H) certified by Yoga Alliance| Nutritional therapist

Hi. I'm Mounia Moalla, a certified yoga therapist and Yoga Teacher (200H) certified by Yoga Alliance.

My passion for yoga dates back to 2006. From the first lesson I took, I felt the impact of this ancient discipline on my physical and mental level, as is obvious. Since then, yoga has become an indispensable part of my daily life. 


Convinced of the positive effects of yoga on health in general, I graduated from the Yoga Therapy Department of the Institute of Yoga Therapy in Paris under the direction of Dr. Lionel COUDRON, with the ambition of a project to integrate yoga and its benefits into the hospital environment, and also offer therapeutic yoga group lessons adapted for all levels, for targeted psychological or physical disorders.


Furthermore, I obtained my diploma of a Natural Health Practitioner from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, which today allows me to advise on nutritional therapy, dietary balance and supplementation, as well as vital and environmental hygiene during my yoga therapy consultations.

Also, I graduated as a certified yoga teacher (200 hours training Certified by Yoga Alliance) from one of the top Indians yoga schools In Rishikesh, Siddhi Yoga.

It is very important for me to regularly update my knowledge and receive information about new methods of treatment in order to make them available to my patients and students. Hence, I have attended various internships, mainly in India, and been able to improve my skills and broaden my horizons. And now, I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists/IAYT, and member of the Yoga research group in the Non Pharmacological Intervention Society/ NPIS


After working as a clinical pharmacist and hospital pharmacist for more than 20 years, I have been taught to put my patients at the heart of their care for optimal results. My job has enabled me to provide medical teams and patients with my knowledge and experience for proper and equitable care.


Currently, with all the experience and mastery I own, I am offering you an incredible journey together, in order to help you to find harmony again with yourself and your environment!

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