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Sometimes life can get challenging and yoga therapy consultation is here to ease the load off your shoulders and get you back on track. What does that imply?

I am up for giving you a yoga therapy consultation not only in person, but also in a virtual environment. It suggests the following: I give all the information you need and support you in all possible ways. The process is going to be beneficial both for me and you. Yet, here is the vision:


  • After I have an overview of your current state of health, emotional and mental state and thus assess your physical capabilities and determine priorities, we together establish goals and a treatment plan in order to reach the maximum effect. 

  • As we work together to get back to balance, you are provided with a personalized home practice plan for every practice. Each consultation is accompanied by dietary and nutritional advice. A prescription for nutritional supplements is also given upon request.

  • After 3-4 consultations, you are about to notice a positive change: you become autonomous and have knowledge of the appropriate exercises. To keep you motivated and practice regularly not to lose effectiveness, you may even be suggested weekly group courses of targeted therapeutic yoga.

A yoga therapy consultation lasts 30-45 minutes. And as already mentioned, consultations can take place both personally, particularly in the hospital, and online, wherever is convenient for you.

consultation process
in-person yoga consultation

It is possible to have in person consultation of yoga therapy in French, English or Arabic, at the medical center in John Bost Foundation- la Force 24130-FRANCE

The consultation fee is 60€.

In person yoga therapy consultation

online yoga consultation

Online yoga therapy consultation

It is possible to have an individual consultation of yoga therapy online. Consultations are available in French, English or Arabic, via Zoom. What is more, tele-consultations are also possible.


The consultation fee is 60€.


Dive in yoga therapy and change your life for the better. It's much easier than you think.

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